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Why Elope to Vegas?

I have never wanted to have a big flashy wedding. I am just not the type of girl that likes to be the center of attention, so when it was time to plan my wedding I concentrated my efforts on convincing my fiancé to elope. I figured that the lure of Las Vegas, the world capital of elopement, would entice him away from our home in Atlanta, GA without too much worry about upsetting our friends and family. Unfortunately, he was dead set against it.

My wonderful fiancé had a different plan entirely. He too wanted to elope, but to Destin, Florida. He had vacationed there as a small child and had witnessed one of Destin weddings on the beach. The memory had always stuck with him. His idea was that the two of us and our best friends elope to sunny Destin.

 He also did not want me to miss out on some of the traditional wedding things, so he suggested we hire a Destin wedding company to plan a very small and intimate beach wedding for us. Just he and I with our two best friends as witnesses would attend. I hired the company on the spot and requested they keep things simple.

My fiancé had one more surprise in store for me. He was not going to do the elopement thing half way. He had requested I have my bags packed and ready to go and told me he would pick me up at 6 am the day we were going to leave. The night before, I packed my bag quietly, so as not to alert my family and went to bed.

 At three AM there was a knock on my window. I woke up, startled to find my fiancé peering at me from my second story window. I opened it up, wondering just what he was doing up there. Well, his reason was simple – he was there to kidnap me for my elopement. He carried my bag down the ladder and then steadied it for me as I descended. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the car. Our two friends were waiting and we spent seven hours driving from Atlanta, Georgia to Destin, Florida.

 Once we arrived, we met with our Destin wedding company to review the details for our ceremony. As I had requested they had kept the plans simple, a popular request for many Destin weddings. The day of our wedding dawned clear and bright and the beautiful weather held true throughout the day. We were married at sunset, me in a simple white cotton gown and bare feet, my husband in a cream linen shirt and simple shorts.

 My flowers were simple, two red roses entwined together. Our wedding was simple perfect. I cannot say our families were happy to hear of our elopement, but it was the wedding of my dreams and one I will never forget. Our beautiful and most simple of Destin weddings was truly spectacular.

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